Haiku Mama

Haiku version:

Degree forsaken
Writing and babies collide
Haiku saves the day

Non-haiku version:

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998 with a Bachelor's degree in Art History (and six evil hours short of a minor in Italian), I decided that working in a museum was not actually what I wanted at all. This can be blamed on a fantastic playwriting course and a professor who said writing doesn't have to be just a hobby if you're good at it.

NaÏvely inspired, I began a career in advertising. And as I spent years writing radio and TV commercials for diamond rings, car washes, frozen custard and sundry other things, I was happy to tell people I was a career writer, but I wasn't actually happy with the career of writing. (Overzealous clients grabbing at your knee under the conference room table can do that to you.)

Then, I dabbled in the world of High Tech Dot Com Valhalla, enjoying free bagels and coffee and foosball, while intermittently writing marketing materials. My time in HTDCV taught me several things: 1) whiteboards are perfect for haiku 2) you can use haiku to make fun of management 3) you can use haiku to write books when management has the last laugh.

Now I stay at home with my three kiddos and write. My juvenile fiction book (juvenile as in "for kids," not as in "jackassedly written" - I hope) is being published by Random House Books For Young Readers. Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel will be released on June, 23 2009. I am working on a few other writing projects, but right now my Mom project is keeping me very, very busy.

If you'd like to know more about why my haiku are suddenly about tracheostomies and COBRA and panic attacks (wow, that description sounds like a Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner movie from the 80s), you can visit my blog at www.haikuoftheday.com, or visit www.ikeasaurus.com.

I still try to write haiku daily (it's so much easier than keeping a baby book) and am busy barreling through my days with a nearly 7-year-old, a nearly 3-year-old, a baby with a trach, a maligned miniature Australian Shepherd, and a possibly even more maligned husband.

I live in Austin, Texas and it kicks ass.



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